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Here’s How… (Coaches, this is for you too!) has been a leader in the business coaching field since 1989. The foundation of our philosophies has emerged over the the past 25 years of success as a Serial Entrepreneur and thought leader. was launched in 1989 with the belief that our success would depend on a passion for excellence. We are passionate about influencing businesses ability to impact their organization, create a culture of accountability and develop powerful leadership. Our organization has personally coached clients in over 37 different countries, in 60 different industries,  ranging from 5 to 500 employees….

The Business Transformation Formula has been put together for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, as well as Employees so that you can make the necessary adjustments to maximize success in your business. The material we have put together comes from gathering data over the past 25 years and getting feedback from thousands of leaders all over the world.

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Here is a rundown what you’ll get inside The Business Transformation Formula course.


Module #1 – Business Coaching

Until the 1980’s many people would have limted coaching to the sports industry. However, the move to bring coaches into the business world has grown significantly. Unfortunately, with this shift comes the confusion over what a business coach does for a business. This first module will lay the foundation for the rest of this course as to the distinctions within our business coaching program.

We look at topics and distinctions such as:

  • Definition of Business Coaching
  • Are you coachable?
  • Empowering Questions about your business
  • Coaching Distinctions – Business Coaching, Individual Coaching, Executive Coaching
  • The Business Coaching Model
  • Formula for Achieving Results
  • Why you should have a Business Coach


Module #2 – The Secret of Commitment

In today’s world the concepts of commitment and convenience have merged, leaving an unclear understanding of what commitment actually means. Shared commitment is necessary from the top-down and bottom-up. It is a reciprocal relationship honored by all. This requires everyone in a business organization to be on the same page, and to drive to achieve the same goals and objectives.

In Module 2 it will become clear that the secret of commitment is sticking it out long enough to validate for yourself that your commitment actually produces results for you, your employees and your organization.


Module #3 – Strategic Planning

A strategic plan built around processes as well as productivity and profitability adds a whole new dimension to the operations of a company. It is the leading tool for measuring the direction and progress of a business. The business plan creates the foundation for the business leaders to make their vision known to the their employees. It also specifies how the roles of every employee will impact the business.

Aside from understanding the role a strategic and business plan plays in your business , this module will help you understand why we believe that strategic planning is utilized best for the purpose of creating a team environment and coaching employees.


Module #4 – Keeping Score

Companies that operate without measurable, quantifiable goals and objectives are operating in the dark. Keeping Score can help a company develop and implement action plans to accomplish their goals.

In this module you will discover how keeping score reinforces commitment, accountability, motivation and teamwork.


Module #5 – Developing Quality Leadership

Quality leadership is the key to success, but few business owners and executives know how to lead. Quality leadership is not based on the principles of dictatorship. Leadership comes from the ability to practice the art of communicating the story of your vision and mission through your words and more importantly through your actions.

In Module 5 you will see how developing quality leadership will make the difference between success and stagnation, ordinary and extraordinary.


Module #6 – Teambuilding

Work is where people spend most of their time. Fostering active participation through teamwork can lead to a sense of family at work that replace the sense of community that has been lost in the modern world. An organizational culture that promotes team building will make the difference between and employee who does or does not want to come to work each day.

In this module you will see that developing a defined culture can absolutely transform your organization.

“I want to start by thanking you for all of the incredible information that was provided and most of all the passion behind the material. I really believe it was life changing for me not only in my business life but personal life as well.”
Larry Hill, General Manager


Module #7 – Employee Relations

How do you hire, train, retain and fire your employees? You might not be able to answer this question with ease. How you hire and train your employees determines their level of quality, performance and commitment to your business.

This module will empower owners, executives and managers to confidentially seek, hire, train, retain and fire employees. In addition, you are pvoided with the necessary documents the ensure successful employee relations.


Module #8 – Work Culture

A culture is a collection of historical beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, rituals or agreed upon social activities. Your workplace culture should be influenced by the business plan, mission statement, policies, procedures, and management styles of your business.

In this module we will delve into the phenomenon of work cultures in a way that breaks its grip on people. The sense of constraint is lifted, resulting in momentum, action and growth. You will learn the ingredients to creating a work culture of comfort, accountability, efficiency, commitment, honesty and innovation.


Module #9 – Business Communication

So much of the success in business depends on whether or not people understand one another. If an employer does not accurately define their expectations, then the employees have little to no understanding of the impact their work has on the bigger picture.

In Module 9 you will discover the vairous ways of communicating that are appropriate to the personalities of your management and employees.


Module #10 – Marketing

Marketing is more than just advertising. It is creating a lasting image or brand of your company that demonstrates the quality and types of services and products your business offers. Marketing plans are key to increasing your sales and sustaining the success of you business.

Marketing is a topic that is a course unto itself but in Module 10 you will discover that to consistently succeed in business your marketing should be a daily ingredient to running you business like answering the phone. The up and down swings in your business will begin to deteriorate when you adopt these methods.


Module #11 – Unforgettable Customer Service

Clients are the bread and butter of your business. How you treat your clients sets the course for success. it also sends a message as to the kind of reputation you want your business and employees to uphold. Customer service becomes the forefront of you business’s reputation, separating the memorable companies from the most thoughtless of companies.

This module provides the necessary tools for your business to create unforgettable customer service and watch the effect such quality has on your business morale as well as bottom line profits.


Module #12 – Bold Solutions

Our culture teaches you that problems and breakdowns are scandalous, requiring immediate bandages. However in our business coaching program we coach our clients to create bold solutions.  Addressing problems and breakdowns is often uncomfortable. As a result, people often dance around such breakdowns which are unpredictable and unavoidable. Breakthroughs happen when the time is right and you are willing to be bold, willing to have courage in the face of know resistance.

In our final module we will explore how a Business Coach plays a vital role in your organization. We will explore the 3 stages a leader goes through with a coach and at what points you will experience significant breakthroughs. This is where the rubber meets the road and it is truly where you will see your business and organization breakthrough to the next level of sustained long term growth.

This course will be of help to you and your company. We hope that you will see the benefits these strategies and insights have to offer as it has truly helped thousands of companies transform their business.

In just a few short weeks you could be literally transforming your business overnight and adding additional profits to your bottom line.

To your success!

Gary Henson
President and Founder